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Game News

Ok, here's the deal. The guild will merge from now until next Wednesday (June 30) under the new name: Raiders of Kaos. On July 1st, The Avant Garde will disband and the Agents of Chaos will become a pure PVP guild (not affiliated with the game).

Make sure you contact Liyandra or another officer to switch your toons to the new guild.

Keep an eye out for updates on when the new website will be ready.

Happy Gaming!
Guild News

Lamania Server Access

arkangel_2009, Jun 6, 10 8:09 PM.
For anyone who wants to run on the test server with me, here is a link to download the new server. Be sure to save it to a different location than your current ddo client.

and here is the link to be able to copy your characters over to the test server instead of creating new ones.

Guild Merger

arkangel_2009, Jun 6, 10 4:57 PM.
Ok, check out the forums and the voting polls on some very important information about merging the guilds. I have put up some information under members discussion and there is a voting poll up under the voting tab.

Guild Account

arkangel_2009, Jun 3, 10 4:09 PM.
We are creating a guild account to store the guild funds and items for sale or giveaway. Instead of holding everything in your inventory or accidentally selling it, you can mail an item to the guild character which Destange, Liyandra, and Maga will have access too. Under the bank tab, just enter the item you are giving away in the proper category and then send the item to the character. When someone requests an item, we can go and send it to you. Keep a look out for updates on this as they come out. Also, if you would like to donate some money to the guild, please let either Maga or Liyandra know.

Allied Guild!

arkangel_2009, Jun 2, 10 7:42 PM.
We have created an allied guild with the Agents of Chaos. They have been running with us in game and have allowed us access to their vent server. For more information on this, contact either Liyandra or Magatank. Their guild website is:

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

arkangel_2009, Jun 2, 10 4:01 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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